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William Mollers

Data Analyst / Scientist, Berliner, Sydneysider, Politics Nerd and Football Fan


I’m William, a Berliner with Australian and German roots who grew up in Sydney.

I am a highly analytical with great people skills who is currently looking for a role as a data scientist / analyst.

Recently I have completed a bootcamp in data analytics at Ironhack Berlin where I have learnt the following fundamentals:

  • python
  • machine learning
  • sql
  • github
  • webscraping
  • tableau
  • analytical thinking

Prior to the bootcamp I worked for over 7 years in the tourism sector, with 4 years as a founder of When in Berlin and 7 years as a tour guide guiding families, individuals as well as VIPs across Berlin and central Europe.

My time in tourism has given me hard skills that can be broadly applied and include:

  • business development
  • content marketing
  • community management
  • project management
  • business analysis
  • research
  • VR (we launched Berlin’s first VR Tour)

Complimenting this, I have also nurtured a whole heap of social skills while in tourism:

  • I can get comfortable with anyone
  • communicate across cultures
  • educate while also be entertaining
  • present to groups of hundreds
  • keep colleagues smiling while they run an event or project.

In addition to this I have extensive customer service experience in a variety of industries (banking, higher education, nano tech & retail) as well as two degrees from the University of Sydney, one in Commerce (Accounting / Business Information Systems) and one in Arts (Germanic Studies).

Language wise I am a native English speaker, but due to having a German father I grew up speaking German and can work in German (TestDaf C2 certified). I also possess a German passport (i.e. I can work anywhere in the EU).

Lastly, I have a few big passions ( economics, food, football, gaming and politics) and if you would like to chat to me about them or anything else, then I look forward to your message!